China One chinese restaurant

we do delivery chinese food service. call 813-983-1688 or 813-989-2677

our front desk

We just have been remode the front desk at 2014,uesd to be 20 centery old school chinese restaurant look , after we done it ,a lots customer said : this place look better than before .

in the plaza next to uncle fat

starting begine we use to be work at New york city for many years . after we travel florida at 1998 ,we found there aren't many chinese restaurant around here ,so our first chinese restaurant opened at 1999.

font desk

after 15 years family own businese.we decide to remode the front face of is it.

right side since you walk in

i think a lot people know about great wall in china . but i still want to say ,they build the wall it's privent othere people attack thire home.

left side since you walk in

it's have some pictures on the wall. it's showing chinese culture back in the old time .(like the picture on the left .it's hundred children play.)